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Genre: War action-thriller, romance

Movie/mini-series (120 min)

Sashko, an 18-year-old Ukrainian country boy, is trying to avoid being drafted into the army while secretly in love with the beautiful Claudia, who comes to visit her grandmother.

However, chaos, violence, and death ensue when the forces of the Russian Federation invade the village. Sashko, performing the impossible, manages to kill three enemy soldiers and saves Claudia from Commander Volkov, who had already set his sights on her.

While trying to escape, the two heroes come across a wounded scout who has valuable information that could change the course of the war. Despite the risks, Sashko and Claudia decide to pass on the information, and their journey becomes even more dangerous as Volkov and his troops pursue them. They eventually end up taking shelter in an abandoned granary. Can Sashko outsmart the enemy and save Claudia?

"A Girl to Kill for" is a captivating story that explores the themes of courage, love, and self-sacrifice in the face of war. The film demonstrates the power of loyalty and human resilience, as ordinary Ukrainians, finding themselves in emergency circumstances, defend their homeland.


Genre: Thriller

Movie (120 min)

In the city of Novogrudok, occupied by the Nazis during World War II, there existed a ghetto where the Jewish people were subjected to horrifying persecution.

Among the prisoners was a photographer named Berl, whose mind was filled with ideas. Inspired by a bank heist film, he proposed a daring plan: to build a hundred-meter tunnel and escape to the forest where the partisans of the Bielski Brigade were located, along with everyone in the ghetto. Berl's idea initially elicited laughter, followed by doubt and cruel resistance.

However, rumors began to circulate throughout the camp that the remaining prisoners would soon be killed by the Nazis.

The question arose - to accomplish the impossible, a hundred meters in length, allowing multiple people to run at once, or to perish. "How is that even possible?" people asked. "It's just a hundred meters!" Berl insisted. "Can't we dig three meters in a day? In a month, we will already be free!" he argued. Indeed, a tall rye field grew within a hundred meters, providing easy cover.

With each meter of the tunnel, the prisoners encountered new obstacles: collapses, lack of oxygen, humidity, and increasing nervous tension. But when they were almost reaching their destination, the rye was mowed down by a tractor, leaving the field bare. Running across such a field would be suicidal. Many lost hope. Furthermore, the tunnel was heavily flooded after the rain.

Electrical wiring needed to be installed, water pumped out, and ventilation constructed to create at least some chance. On September 26, 1943, at 3 o'clock in the morning, 227 prisoners escaped through the tunnel.

"The Greatest Escape" is a film that recreates those events, inspiring and reminding us of the power of the human spirit and perseverance capable of overcoming even the darkest moments in human history.


Genre: Аdventure, comedy

Web series (6 episodes)

Street artist Gosha Kazinsky steals a garbage truck to get his old broken laptop with 100 bitcoins back.

He dumps the contents of a garbage truck in a clearing outside the city. The garbage trucks catch up and beat him badly, take their garbage truck and drive away.

After six months of rehabilitation, Gosha returns to the clearing, where a spontaneous dump the size of a football field has formed. During this time, the bitcoin rate has tripled. Gosha will stop at nothing.


Genre: Аdventure, comedy

Web series (6 episodes)

According to Survival International, more than 100 isolated peoples are living on the planet.

Boredom gripped the thirty-year-old millionaire Sergio, who had lost interest in all the joys of life.

One day he goes to a local huckster on a hydro scooter for illegal substances. Falling asleep at the wheel, he falls into a violent nine-point storm.

Recovering himself, Sergio finds himself on the island's beach. From the thickets of the forest, a native is watching him - the daughter of the leader of one of the two tribes of cannibals howling among themselves.


Genre: Dramedy

Web series (6 episodes)

A young single mother becomes a bass player in the best rock band in the country.

Inna decided to fulfill her old dream: to get into a famous rock group like the Rolling Stones.

All her friends dissuade her from this stupid undertaking. She doesn't listen to anyone and is faced with the harsh sexist world of male rock and roll.


Genre: Thriller, action

Web series (6 episodes)

"To catch a tiger - pretend to be a pig"
- ancient Chinese wisdom

After an unsuccessful casting, the novice fashion model Alina goes to a nightclub with her newly-made friends to cheer up.

The girls meet funny guys and have a good time.

The next morning, they woke up tied up in a closed van, which was taking them in an unknown direction.

They are soon informed that they have been abducted into sexual slavery by international traffickers. Salvation is nowhere to be found.


Genre: Comedy

Web series (8 episodes)

Incredible stories is a comedy anthology series consisting of five daring and piquant short stories aimed at the general audience.

All events take place in a large modern city. Even though the collected stories are incredible and comical, all of them, one way or another, took place in real life.

Incredible stories is a bright and witty series, united by one common idea: everyone gets what they deserve!


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